Matt Gieseke’s Biography

Matt Gieseke was born in Winfield, IL.  Matt received his first drum set at age 3.  His father was a drummer so Matt naturally picked up the instrument.  By age 5 Matt knew he wanted to be a musician for the rest of his life.  In Elementary School Matt had a pretend band called Gieseke and the Red Hots!  I’m sure they were amazing in his head.

The Early Years

When Matt was in the 3rd grade his mother remarried and he moved to Omro, WI and started their new life.  He was still able to spend his summers with his Dad and the Gieseke family in IL.

In Middle School Matt joined a small band and won a talent show even though Matt says they sucked.  Matt stated he didn’t even play drums at the show, he sang instead because he was sure he could be the singer even though he played drums at all of their rehearsals! They must have been better than the other bands to have won the contest!

In High School Matt continued to play drums and joined an all original band called The Flying Pigs.  They played at the high school prom and played some other small shows.

Matt’s Adult Years

After high school finally Matt could start making money as a percussionist.

In March of 1999 Matt moved to Colorado to join Cool Waters.  He decided to leave them after a difficult tour but rejoined when Cool Waters returned to Appleton in 2000.  He played with many bands including Cool Waters and Boxkar, as well as filled in with many bands.

Joining Road Trip

At the end of 2017 Matt auditioned for Road Trip and blew them away with his playing.  He was an instant hit with them and with the Road Trip fans.  Due to the way he hits his drums so hard Road Trip had their first visit from the Oshkosh Police Department for disturbing the peace!


Matt lives with his wife and 2 sons in Menasha.  He continues to fill in on drums with bands but is mainly busy with Road Trip.  Matt also teaches drums at Heid Music in Appleton.  He has established himself as a respected and in-demand percussionist throughout the state, and in 2013, the Wisconsin Area Music Industry nominated him for Drummer of the Year! In 2017 he won teacher of the year at Heid Music.

Matt focuses his entire life on music, including incredible tours, countless recording sessions and teaching.  Since 2000 Matt has played an average of 150+ shows annually and plans to play drums and teach for the rest of his life.

Matt loves people, he loves to joke around, and he loves music.  Matt still secretly wants to be the lead singer, but Road Trip won’t let him just yet!