Dylan was just nominated guitarist of the year by WAMI!  Congratulations Dylan!

Dylan Morey joined Road Trip in 2019 as their lead guitarist, but he wasn’t always a guitar player.  Dylan’s Father was a drummer so naturally Dylan started out on drums.  At age 3 Dylan could already play a beat, but by age 10 he was bored of drums and wanted something more.  He quickly picked up the guitar and started playing AC/DC riffs and crating some amazing music in his hometown  of Wisconsin Rapids.

Dylan joined a few local bands and eventually joined the band Boomboxx. That’s when Amy and DJ met him and snatched him up when he was only 18 years old.  After hearing his outstanding singing voice and guitar playing Amy talked him into joining their 3 piece band (The Down Glow) and eventually he joined Road Trip.   He also joined his church band and plays with them about once or twice a month along with doing solo shows and giving guitar lessons.

Dylan now lives in Hortonville with his wife Brianna, and their 3 dogs.