Ryan is from a town called Mokena in southern IL. He ended up at UWO after high school majoring in Biology.  After a short time, he left college to live out his dream playing music. 

Ryan always had a deep passion for music, but never knew someday it would become a career.  His first concert was Carlos Santana at age 9 and that was all he needed to stir up his musical interest.  He began noticing at age 12 that guys in bands were getting all the girls. This pushed him even more toward music and he finally got up the courage to try an instrument.  His uncle played the bass guitar, so he thought that this would be a perfect place to start. Ryan said it turns out bass players attract cats more often than it attracts girls.  Regardless, he absolutely loved playing the bass, so he stuck with it.  

Ryan was in many outstanding bands including, Hindsight, Star 69, Boombox, Nashville Pipeline, Audio Chunk, Beyond The Blonde and then joined Road Trip in 2023.  He is still as passionate about music as he was on day 1 and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

He now lives happily in Oshkosh with his two boys Emmit and Jamie, his girlfriend Charlie and her two children.