Road Trip is much more than your average cover band from Wisconsin!

Lights, video, sounds, smoke, dancing and screaming fans create one of the
greatest shows in the Midwest! This band puts on a real life concert with huge LED panels, the best light show, state of the art sound and dedicated musicians and singers who love what they do and it shows.
They bring people together, to help them to celebrate life, relax and hit their “reset button”. (It’s a lot cheaper than therapy!)

At any show you will experience a lot of dancing, smiling, laughing and loud singing. Weddings, festivals, company parties, taverns and dance clubs is where you will find them bringing people together one song at a time.

Award winning vocalist Amy Jo Doty and vocalist Logan Zills lead the band through a 3+ hour show filled with songs from everyone’s favorite artists including Pink, Weezer, Joan Jett, Motley Crue, Luke Bryan, AC/DC, Queen and Shania Twain. These are just a few of the artists Road Trip brings to life.

The music comes from Dylan Morey on lead guitar, DJ Doty on rhythm guitar, Ryan Goes on bass and Matt Gieseke on drums. Every show they give 100% to the people and to the music. They want every person to experience the party that the band is throwing; LOUD, WILD, EXCITING, SURPRISING, REAL AND UP-CLOSE!

This group includes some of the most approachable people who meet you where you’re at. Playing music is not just a hobby to them, it is their life, their passion and their love.