Richie Plath’s Biography

Richie was born in a small town called Kingston, WI.  He grew up there with his mom, dad, aunts, uncles and cousins all living only houses away from each other.  Rich always loved his hometown and  still lives there today.

Rich was always showing off and running around being a wanna be rock star even when he was a toddler.  At age 10 he saw something that sparked his interest, it was a break dance group from Milwaukee called Party Boys.  This put a fire in Richie and got him working in front of the mirror trying to do what they were doing.  Richie has many gifts, and one of them is imitating something he sees or hears.  It didn’t take long and Richie was out in his front yard with a mat break dancing for the neighbors. He was also a hit at school dances taking over the dance floor.

First Rock Band Experience

At age 12 Rich’s mom took him and his cousin DJ to see a real live rock band called Risk.  This changed Rich’s life forever.  He knew right then what he wanted to do, and DJ felt the same way.  They went home and started pretending to be a band with tennis rackets and fake microphones.  It wasn’t long and they had some friends join them to form an air band.  Rich, DJ and their friends got into air band competitions around the state and they were winning contests everywhere!  Rich and DJ’s aunts really helped the kids by coaching them and making costumes and taking them to the competitions.  It was a really fun time for them but one day they decided they wanted to play real instruments and really sing.

At age 16 Rich and DJ formed Bad Attitude and played some small shows.  This band was formed with some friends but they wanted to get more serious.

The Start of Road Trip

In Late 1990 Rich, DJ and a few others began forming Road Trip.  April of 1991 they finally played out and people loved them.  DJ started college in Oshkosh and relocated the headquarters of Road Trip.  Rich decided to move to Oshkosh as well in the summer of 1993.

The band took off and Rich continued to get better and better at his craft.  He was not only an amazing singer but also an incredible front man.  He had a very keen sense of style with his clothes, shoes and hair style.  He moved like the rock stars on TV because he was so good at doing what they did and making it his own.

Rich was always somewhat reserved and loved spending time on his own.  Even though he could stand in front of hundreds of people and sing, he still enjoyed just driving across the state alone or with a friend.


In the summer of 1994 Rich took a job washing windows with A&A Windows in Oshkosh.  He only worked with them for one summer, but he had no idea how that summer would change his life.  10 years later, in 2004 Rich moved back to Kingston and started his own window cleaning company called Everclear Window Cleaners.  Just out of the blue he thought to himself he could make money doing something he learned to do many years ago.   Thanks to God and Rich’s hard work his business has been a huge success!

Richie Today

Today Richie lives in Kingston with his wife and daughter.  He loves to fish all year, he loves to spend time with his wife and daughter and of course he still has a passion to sing and perform.   He sings with Road Trip and with his bass player Flap as an acoustic duo called The Bob & Rich show, or as Richie’s daughter calls it, The Flap and Daddy show.  Even when Rich is not on stage he is singing, dancing, making people laugh and acting crazy.

Rich is also an incredible cook; he makes his best food on the grill.  He loves to cook for people and try out his new recipes on them.

As a side note, this bio is written by me, Amy and I have to say, no one on this planet has made me laugh more than Rich.  He loves to sit and chat, he makes me the best steaks I’ve ever eaten, he is always there when I need to cry or rant about something.  I’m thankful for Rich, and I know all of his friends and family feel the same way.

Facts About Richie

  • His Dad is DJ’s Mom’s Brother.
  • He is married to Margo Plath and has a daughter named Greylyn.
  • We tease him and say he has a rare form of Tourette Syndrome because he can’t stop singing random songs and shouting out random lines from movies.
  • He learned to play guitar in his 30’s.
  • He owns 2 homes, one he rents out.
  • He quit drinking many years ago.
  • He would love to own a food truck and go out on the ice and make food for the ice fisherman but he already has 3 jobs!
  • Everyone has a nickname for him, Richardo, Rickardo, Ricky, Plath, Donkey, Flower, Plathster and many more!