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Our summer shows are JUST about to start!  Our first outdoor show is May 4th in Montello!  DJ Doty’s birthday weekend!  It’s crazy to think it’s already summer 2019.

This summer is going to be EXTREMELY different from the last 28, we are doing it without our amazing Richie.  Yeah, it’s been hard not seeing him every week, but we do love our Christopher.  He was sent from God to us and we love him with all of our hearts.  He is such a positive person, and so so so talented and full of energy.  It turns out Amy and Chris are a really great duo and they love to sing together!  You know Chris is a very skilled drummer right?  Well he is and we finally got him on the drums for one of our Rihanna songs!   Sometimes he jumps up for other stuff too, make sure you cheer him on.

This summer is the summer of Chris!  We are going to take every town one by one and ROCK IT!!!!!!!!  If you have not seen us with him yet,  you are in for a treat.  It is WAAY ABOVE average.

We have a few practices left before we go out for the summer, so if you have a new song idea let us know!

Love, kisses, peace, and KEEP ON TRIPPIN’!!!