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It’s that time of year again!  HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

One of our favorite Holidays.  Road Trip plays some FUN SHOWS for Halloween!

Sept 29 We are at Silver Springs Campground in Rio, WI.  This will be Halloween Early!  Trick or Treating, Haunted campsites, and lots of CANDY!!

October 6th Our very good friend DAWN from DeadbyDawn puts on a HUGE Halloween Festival in the beginning of October every year called Windigo Fest in Manitowoc.   Wear your scary costume and get into the great festivities!  The fest goes on ALL WEEKEND!!  Parade, lots of vendors, crazy Halloween traditional dancing, fire breathing monsters and more.

October 26th we are in Platteville, WI!  At The BARn.  Costume Contest, lots to drink in a HUGE permanent tent outside the Barn.  This place holds lots of gorgeous weddings, parties, and CONCERTS!  You must come here and get SCARED with Road Trip.

October 27th we are in Portage for the annual Halloween Party at the Ball Room!  Costume Contest, crazy drinks, loud music, what more do you want?  Well actually they have AMAZING food if you want to come early and have dinner!


Keep on Spookin’!