Welcome to 2021 Road Trip style ladies and gents. Yes, we still play shows and go out and get crazy. That is what life is about in our book. Lots of fun news:

  1. No Mexico trip this year due to covid restrictions. POOP!!!! BUT….this will make 2022 EVEN BETTER!!!! We will do this.
  2. Road Trip goes back to work Jan 30 and we will be NON STOP until God knows when; unless covid shuts us down.
  3. Amy, DJ and Dylan play all of the time with our 3 piece band called Amy Jo & The Down Glow. We are cheap and easy. We play fun rock, country, pop dance songs with our amazing drum machine and two acoustic guitars. Plus you get to hear Dylan sing and that is something to hear.
  4. This summer is PILING UP WITH SHOWS! It’s been crazy. I will be trying to update the schedule page with all of the amazing shows we are about to do this summer. This will be the ROARING 20’s ALL OVER AGAIN! Let’s get to roaring!

Our band was stricken with Covid back in Aug, and thanks to Jesus we all made it through fairly well. We are looking forward to NOT EVER SEEING COVID AGAIN. It has been a long, difficult year, but we kept on rockin’ as much as the world would let us.

Hope to see you on the ROAD this summer ROCKIN’ and ROLLIN’ with us! God’s blessings on all of our music fans.