Robert George Welsch Jr./ Biography

Robert George Welsch Jr, better known as Flap started playing on stage at age 13.  In the beginning he would play in clubs with bands and his parents had to escort him because he was under age.  He played the 6 string electric guitar at the time for many different bands.

The Early Years

He started a high school band called Pulse and another called Rock Port.  When he turned 18 he no longer needed his parents to escort him to the shows. A band called Ukiah picked him up the day after his 18th birthday and he became their new guitarist.  He was in many bands as time went on and bounced between all of them.  These bands included Ukiah, Class of 62 Surfboys, and the Larry’s.  Later he joined Freckles and the Hostages until he moved to California with his wife and kids.  They stayed in California for a year and while there Flap joined the band Who DAT Blues Band and learned how to play the blues for the first time.  He returned to Wisconsin and joined a band called Oil Can Harry in 1998.

Joining Road Trip

At the end of  2005 he got a call from Richie Plath from Road Trip.  Richie was looking for a new bass player for Road Trip and he wanted to know if Flap had any suggestions.  Luckily Flap had been playing bass at his church and sort of learning the instrument.  He suggested himself as Road Trip’s new bass player and started practicing for the audition.  After his audition RT loved him and hired him for the job in January of 2006.


Flap continues to play music with Road Trip as well as playing in many other bands, including The Big Bass Trio with his son Andy on drums, and he also performs with his son in Acoustic Night with Bob and Andy James as well as Andy and the Cavemen.  In addition he has an acoustic show with Richie Plath called The Bob and Rich show. also known to Rich’s daughter as the Flap and Daddy Show!  Recently Flap created a solo acoustic show for entertaining in health care facilities.  It’s him alone on guitar and vocals doing one hour performances with country style music embellished with stories of his family and gentle humor.  The old folks love him!

Flap is a very well rounded musician and human being.  He has a great sense of style and feel on every instrument he plays.  He loves playing music and performing for people and will hopefully continue to play for many years to come.