Murry Tracks

RECORDED AT: Dave's Place - Waupun, WI
PRODUCER: Amy Jo Doty & Dave Geschke
ENGINEER: Dave Geschke
MIXED AND MASTERED BY: Jimmy Johnson at The Noise Chamber CD ARTWORK: Amy Johnson & Jill Lawrence
RECORD CO: Independent Release JC-012005
STATUS: Available at shows, Wisconsin record stores and directy from Road Trip's online store

MUSICIANS: Amy Jo Doty: Vocals, Percussion & Harmonica, Daniel J. Doty: Guitar, Jason Busse: Guitar, David Geschke: Bass, Ryan Schiedermayer: Drums, Glen Schroeder: Drums, Rich Plath: Vocals, Billy Friday: Percussion,

GUEST VOCALISTS: Elizabeth DeWitt, Billy Friday, Jason Busse, Tina Anderson, Cassandra Abbott, Alayna Goebel, Brianna Goebel, Mason Slavic, Dina Slavic, Kathy Menard

SONGS (written by Amy Doty): Murry, Let's Eat, I Love You, Brush Your Teeth, To Be A Tree, Jesus Loves Me, Work,Work,Work, Jesus Is My Brother, Do The Animals Go To Heaven, Me And Mickey

NOTES: Amy's CD "Murry Tracks" is a 13-track all-original disc packed with friendly, fun and goofy songs and skits possessing a flavor all their own. Road Trip members, other local musicians and many friends contributed to the recording by playing, singing and expressing their God-given talents to the maximum degree. With an unmistakable female rock voice, Amy Jo takes children's music into more cutting edge territory by adding heavy guitars and danceable drum beats to her powerhouse vocal style. Every song is a winner with a one of a kind trademark. After hearing this album one can't deny, this is definitely not your average kid's CD.

Murry Tracks