Cowboys and Maniacs

RECORDED AT: Sleepless Nights - Madison, WI
PRODUCER: Road Trip and Paul Schluter
ENGINEERS: Paul Schluter, Jake Johnson, Todd Winger & Mark Whitcomb
CD ARTWORK: Amy Johnson & Jill Teeter
RECORD CO: Independent Release RT-031999
STATUS: Available at shows

MUSICIANS: Daniel J. Doty: Guitar, Vocals, Matthew Emmer: Guitar, Billy Friday: Drums, David Geschke: Bass, Amy Jo Johnson: Vocals, Percussion, Rich Plath: Vocals

GUEST MUSICIANS: Pauli Ryan: Percussion (Phat Phunktion), Marc Golde: B3 Organ, Dave Stoler: Piano

SONGS: (songwriter in parenthesis) Unglued (Johnson), Hello From The Outside (Plath), Crazy Feeling (Johnson/Doty), Blind (Johnson/Doty), Dear Cheri (Plath), Alright (Johnson/Doty), Find A Way (Friday), Genesis 6 (Johnson/Doty), The Change (Plath/Doty), Smile Removal Machine (Plath/Doty), The Chocolate Song (Johnson/Doty)

NOTES: "Cowboys and Maniacs" is one of the best CDs ROAD TRIP has recorded. Eleven original songs done with one of the most powerful lineups in the history of the band. Sleepless Nights did a great job with the recording. This is the first recording we produced that everyone in the band was VERY happy with. There are several songs from the disc available for FREE download at


"UNGLUED" was included as one of the ROCK songs on MP3.COM'S compilation CD "103 of the best songs you've never heard - Volume 4"! We hope you got your copy while they were still available! "UNGLUED" made it to #4 overall in the MP3.COM Top 40 charts as well - they had over 250,000 songs to choose from, to get that high on the charts and be included on one of their compilation discs was quite an honor! It also was included as one of the 50 free MP3's you got with the (now NetZero) signup CD!
"UNGLUED" also made it into THE FINAL COUNTDOWN - JUNE 2000 at! Only the top 75 songs were pulled out and the winning song got a $250,000 recording contract! "UNGLUED" finished at #47 after peaking at #6.
"DEAR CHERI" made it to THE FINAL COUNTDOWN - JUNE 2001 and finished #14 after peaking at #3! 100 songs were pulled out for the competition that month. Before it made TFC "Dear Cheri" had been the pop/rock "Track of the Day" also.
"HELLO FROM THE OUTSIDE" made it into the top 50 songs of the Qualifying Round - "HELLO" peaked at #44!
"CRAZY FEELING" won the J&B Featured Artist competition on for the week of January 17-23, 2000!
"CRAZY FEELING" and "UNGLUED" were included on a promotional CD distributed to radio stations by!

ALRIGHT - Cowboys and Maniacs
Best #8 of 11,199 on 16 Apr 2003
Track Of Day: 30 Oct 2002

THE CHOCOLATE SONG - Cowboys and Maniacs
Best #68 of 13,927 on 29 Dec 2002
Track Of Day: 11 Nov 2001

CRAZY FEELING - Cowboys and Maniacs
Best #46 of 2,600 on 9 Feb 2004
Track Of Day: 14 Aug 2001

DEAR CHERI - Cowboys and Maniacs
Best #42 of 1,949 on 5 Feb 2003
Track Of Day: 5 Mar 2001

BLIND - Cowboys and Maniacs
Best #15 of 9,821 on 14 Jan 2003
Track Of Day: 29 Sep 2002

THE CHANGE - Cowboys and Maniacs
Best #87 of 12,561 on 29 Dec 2002
Track Of Day: 30 Jun 2002

Cowboys and Maniacs