Chameleon Gumbo

FORMAT: CD and Cassette
RECORDED AT: Omnitrax, Inc. - Green Bay, WI
PRODUCER: Bill Harrison and Road Trip
ENGINEER: Bill Harrison
RECORD CO: Independent Release RT-011994

MUSICIANS: Daniel J. Doty: Guitar, Vocals, Banjo, Fingersnaps, Andrew Hess: Bass, Amy Jo Johnson: Vocals, Percussion, Chad Klink: Keyboards, Adrian Lambrecht: Guitar, Vocals Rich Plath: Vocals, Percussion, Robin St. Louis: Drums, Percussion

SONGS: (songwriters in parenthesis - * denotes COVER song) Pick Up The Pieces (Plath/Doty), Fire* (Hendrix), Love Me Stranger (Plath/Doty), Try Like The Devil (Lambrecht), The Rose* (McBroomi), One Way Or Another* (Harry/Harrison), Daze (Hess), For What It's Worth* (Stills), Country Birthday Party (Hess), Me & Bobby McGee* (Kristofferson/Foster)

NOTES: "Chameleon Gumbo" was the band's first studio experience and remains the only ROAD TRIP disc containing cover songs. Released in July of 1994 - by September, Chad, Robin and Andy had left the band. A solid first effort.

Live at the Route