Andy Welsch


HOME TOWN: Random Lake, WI
FORMER BANDS: Blame Vain Glory

INFLUENCES: Flap, Glen Schroeder, Tim Klitzman, Travis Barker, Aaron Gillespie (Underoath)

FAVORITE ARTISTS: Thrice, Underoath, As Cities Burn, Muse

Andy rocks your face off. Thats's because pretty much all he ever does is hit stuff with sticks. I mean, all freakin' day long. In the car, backstage, in the loo, at your girlfriends house, at a deep-fryer party, out to eat, wherever, he's always bangin' on stuff. He even has another band with Flap called Andy and the Cavemen that plays gigs along the lakeshore when he's not playing with Road Trip.

Andy has been drumming for as long as he can remember. Throughout high school Andy didn't really do anything other than play the drums. Well, he was in Model UN but that's it. Now he goes to as many shows as he can, plays as many shows as he can, and then dreams about shows when he falls asleep.

Although Andy is currently an omnivore and would not currently consider following a vegan way of life, it is conceivable that he could be persuaded to become a vegetarian.

Andy Welsch